Technology Service



Q: Why to choose ePeriod LED lighting Store?

A: Quality control

100% of the lamps will be tested and keep lighting for 8~24 hours to test its quality reliability, and we will also test its temperature after 24 hours’ lighting. Then after it is cool we again test 100% of the lamps to see if it still work well. Each lamp should pass all these QC procedures before shipping to customers.

Good service

1. For all your inquires about us or our products, we will reply you in details within 24 hours.

2. We own well-trained and passional sales and after-sale services who can speak fluent English language.

3. We offer OEM services. Can print your own logo on product, can customized the retail box packing and other things.

4. We have very experienced R&D engineers and we have strong ability to do ODM projects.

5. Research lab and test equipment


Q: For same power, why different suppliers with different brightness?

A: Different chips, or same chip but different brightness version. The brightness will be different. But for same chip and same brightness version, the brightness will be slight difference. But please make clear that the brightness difference between LEDs and lamp fixture.


For example, 600*600 LED panel light, the LEDs initial brightness is around 3600lm. But the true lamp fixture brightness will lose 30% then will be around 2500lm. But some suppliers write LEDs brightness in datasheet to attract clients. Please be careful.



Q: What is CRI?


A: CRI is a figure which feedback the real objects colors. Higher CRI with higher cost. For LED tubes, the CRI is mostly 70-75Ra, and 80Ra with higher cost. But there are some suppliers write a high data to attract clients, please note.


Q: What is PF and efficiency?

A: PF and efficiency is to feedback the driver electrical performance. Higher PF and efficiency is with higher cost.


Q: Does LED tube light really have 50,000 hours lifespan?

A: 50,000 or longer lifespan is only theory from lab test. Due to working environments are different from in lab, actual lifespan is only less than 30,000 hours.


Q: Is the copper welds on LED strip light getting oxidized and black?

A: First of all, all copper will get oxidized and black after being used for long time. Under normal use (indoor use),For non waterproof PCB, the copper welds will get oxidized within 12 months or 18 months. For IP44 products ( epoxy resin finished), the welds will get oxidized much faster, 6 months or less, due to some certain corrosive substances contained in Epoxy resin, which will speed up oxidation. In order to slow down oxidation, we suggest to adopt silicone processing, inclusive of dropping silicone, Silicone tube, or filling silicone(which is the best). Accordingly, the IP68 product(filling silicone) will only get oxidized within 24 months.



Q: Can we drop silicone glue on SMD3528 strips which is only 8mm wide PCB?


A: Yes, but on one hand, silicone have higher dilutions and curing time will take longer time, compared with Epoxy resin, on the other hand, the PCB is 8mm wide and SMD3528 is relatively high. Therefore, few factories can drop silicone onto this type of products.


Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of Epoxy resin


A: 1, weak flexibility

2, endure high temperature, resisting yellowing. Epoxy will easily get yellowed after it is used for 4 to 6 months. Furthermore, the soldering point will get oxidized and then black without any function affected.

3, Silicone is mixed with the silicone tube less efficiently, and it will easily get delaminated and then break.

4. In the beginning, Epoxy has the same transparency as silicone, but it will get less and less transparent because of yellowing.


Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of Silicone


1. Have the features of being strongly soft and flexible.

2.Resisting high temperature and yellowing, without any sign of yellowing in 5 years.

3. Silicone can be mixed with the silicone tube efficiently, and it will not delaminate and break.

4. Regarding transparency. the transparency of the silicone won’t change after being used for a long time.

5. The heat can be easily dissipated through silicone.


Q: How is PU glue?


A: 1. It has comparatively bad fluidity therefore it is seldom used as IP68 products.

2. PU glue is not easily adhered to the PCB.

3. It is not yellowing.